1951-1967 Bus Sunroof Conversion with skylight windows Kit

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Hard top to Sunroof Conversion kit for 1951-1967 Type 2 bus (23 window) 

This kit gives you (with the exception of the trim material) everytthing you need to add a sunroof and the 8 skylight windows to your Split Screen bus.


  • 1 front and 1 rear sheet metal header panels (with windows attached),
  • 2 inner rails with Cage Nuts welded,
  • 4 stamped corners,
  • 2 front outer windows (left and right),
  • 6 inner windows,
  • 2 front inner windows (left and right),
  • 6 inner window stampings,
  • 1 set pinch welting for the headliner,
  • 1 front header bracket set,
  • 1 rear headliner strip.
In addition to the sheet metal listed above also included is: 8 pieces of sky window glass that is double laminate curved glass same as the original without logos, 8 sky window rubber seals.


Also included is the Complete T-2 Bus sunroof assembly with rails.  This kit includes 1 header bow (locking bow), 3 centre bows (hoop bows) and the rear strip. Ribber handle included for the header bow.

Every part is brand new and the header bow is pre-adjusted for correct fit and adjustments. Additional items included are a set of 36 stainless steel screws for the side rails, set of 13 screws for te rear tension strip, side tension strip, 12 screws and 12 washers for the side tension strip and the 6 screws and 6 washer for the spring bar cover plates and the rear tension clips.

This is the new and most comprehensive kit we sell it does include every piece of hardware we make for the Type 2 sunroof but it does NOT include upholstery.

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