Beetle, Karmann, Type 3 AirCooled Accessories polished alloy and Timber 16" steering wheel AAC172

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Price includes Wheel, boss, Wolfsburg horn push and all hardware (everything you need to fit!)

Fits Beetles and Karmann Ghia 1960-74, Type 3 1961-71

The wheels have been cut from a single piece of aluminium, with beautiful fine spokes for the true vintage feel.

Our wheels are not flat, we have gone to great lengths to dish them to 3cm to keep that period look and combined with our boss they will sit at the perfect height in your VW or Porsche.

The 16″ dark wood rim we have fitted nine pins to tie in with the nine bolts to the boss, the wood rim has the the finger tapers sculpted into the back of the rim then we lacquered the wood five times.

The boss / adapter is not cast like others, we machine them for perfect fit and also taper them so they line up neatly with your original steering column.

The horn push does not get forgotten either, we have produced it with the same Wolfsburg logos as on vintage stock steering wheels but encased in billet aluminium so sits perfectly with the wheel.

Aircooled Accessories have no responsibility of fitting safety, road use or owners insurance requirements
Professional fitting is recommended.
Fitting modifications to your vehicle may on occasions invalidate your insurance

This is an official Aircooled Accessories product (not an official VW licensed product).

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