Bay window 1968-79 Cab door / window rubber kit (opening vents) Wolfsburg West 211837005

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FRONT DOOR RUBBER KIT, 1969-1979 Bus, both doors, includes German door to body seals, outside scrapers, inside scrapers, large felt channels, small felt channels and door handle seals, opening quarter window rubbers.

Quality kit from Wolfsburg West


x 2 Opening vent windows seals (vertical and flapper)
211837211A x 1 door handle to door seal kit
111837433A x 2 small front felt seals
111837439D x 2 large felt seal for top and rear of front door windows
211831721DGR x 1 left door to body seal
211831722DGR x 1 right door to body seal
211837475 x 1 inner left door scraper
211837476 x 1 inner right door scraper
211853321GR x 1 left outside window scraper
211853322GR x 1 right outside window scraper


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