Buttys Bits RHD 1969-72 Early Bay Throttle kit (Complete kit) BB062KIT

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BB062+BB086 and BB110 this is everything from under the pedal to where the throttle cable connects to the kit .

Fantastic kit from Buttys Bits in the UK

This part of the kit is the main wear area on 1969-1972 buses, the kit mounts to the throttle pedal then goes down through the cab floor to the main swivel section, these kits have sealed roller bearings that allow everything to rotate nice and smoothly. Kit also has a double ended rose joint rod that if you feel needs adjusting you can.

The kit has recently been uprated with a NEW stainless steel top hat section (Thats the part that is usually welded to your floor that the kit bolts to ) These come as standard with every kit , you will need to remove the original steel mount then bolt this stainless mount up in its place . Comes with 4 stainless steel bolts nuts and washers. (Just make sure when bolting up , the pushrod from the pedal is centered in the hole in the floor)

Also these joints are encased inside a rubber boot to keep all of the crud and dirt out as your front wheel is situated right behind the joint. (Also makes it easier to squirt a bit of lubricant in there from time to time )

Plus there is now a tiny 8mm spanner included in the kit, to be used when fitting the small balljoint to the throttle pedal (doesn’t seem much but an absolute time saver, believe us).

This complete kit this is the 3 main parts the linkage itself , with the through shaft bearing holder and replacement end piece , also includes the through shaft itself . So it is everything from under the pedal to where the cable connects .

Parts That Come with this Kit

  • Main kit itself
  • New stainless steel top hat section plus mounting kit (You need to remove the old section and bolt this one on)
    • Rubber joint boots come pre fitted
    • Tiny spanner (To help fitting pushrod to the pedal)
  • New return spring that replaces the original (fits just below where the throttle cable hooks up , see image)

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