Buttys Bits RHD Throttle linkage kit Splitscreen 1955-67 BB012

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Kit is a bolt on replacement of the original .
Remove all the old parts cross shaft ,push rod from pedal and disconnect the throttle cable , then clean the 2 square lugs where the original cross shaft went through the 2 holders , the new kit fits over the 2 square lugs allowing 2 bearing carriers to hang just below the original holders (The kit has to be fitted as it comes assembled remove the mounting bolts and fit the square washer over the square lug then fit the square bearing holder over the same lug and bolt up leave loose while you set the cross shaft position then tighten up and make sure new assembly moves without rubbing or catching on any other components , then connect pedal then acc cable) , the bearings will give a far smoother feeling to your acc pedal . Also the end plates are 20mm taller than the standard setup so it allows full throttle to be achieved easier on twin carb`d hex bar setups , kit can be altered if you require less cable travel .
Will fit steering box raised buses , some steering rack setups may have issues but as there are a few different types out there its impossible to say it will fit all conversions ,but if you buy and cannot use the kit we will gladly have the kit back provided its not damaged and as new …

This kit is for a RHD bus, please ask for the LHD version if you require

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