Split Screen 1964 to 67 Front door seal kit (2 x doors)

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FRONT DOOR RUBBER KIT, 1964-67 Bus (push button handles), both doors, includes door to body seals, felt channels, vent window seals, vent window flap seals, division bar seals, window frame to door seals, window frame to body seals, door handle seals and screw hole plugs.

211837625 vent seal left
211837626 vent seal right
211837395 door to window frame seal x 2
211837629 vent window flap L/R x 2
211837835A top of window frame to body seal L/R x 2
211845231 seal for between sliding glass and fixed glass vertical L/R x 2
211831721WW door to body seal L/R x 2
N200071 screw hold plug x 4
211837005 felt sliding glass pieces x2 kits

211837211 door handle seal x 2

Quality kit from Wolfsburg West

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