Split screen commercial mirror arms (PAIR) - polished alloy AAC319

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Splitscreen Commercial Mirror Arms AAC319 from AirCooledAccessories in the UK

Look super cool and also protrudes out further from the cab to give better visibility which is great for today’s road and traffic.

Each pair have been cast in aluminium as the originals and this set has been fully polished to a deep chrome finish.

These mirror arms would have been originally fitted to Splitscreen Emergency vehicles or Commercials where extra visibility was required, they also have reduced vibration due to the twin arm design.

This includes the following: 2 x polished aluminium mirror arms, 2 x stainless steel mirror arm hinge pins, 2 x stainless steel locking nuts, 4 x stainless steel washers, 4 x nylon washers. Mirrors are not included BUT available here AAC347.

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