Buttys Bits 1966-67 Splitscreen 2 speed 12v wiper upgrade kit BB165/BB124

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12v TWO Speed wiper with self park.

This is a 12 Volt Wiper Motor. It is rubber mounted so very very quiet when running.

It has a self park function wired into the supplied loom, so push the button on your switch in and the blades will return to their parked position.

This unit fits in exactly the same place as the original unit, new mounting screws are supplied, also the wiring exactly the same as your original, the main power/feed wire is the same colour as the original, this also comes with an inline fuse for added protection.

Please if you have a 1965/66/67 model get in touch with us before buying just to confirm this motor will fit your model. This is very important as this is the changeover year on motors and they changed a lot.

All we need is a photo of either your old motor or a photo of where your motor would mount between your 2 air ducts that go up to your dashboard.

From this information we will be able to determine which motor your model should have,

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