Tachometer 52mm 6v 6000rpm AirCooled Accessories AAC195/6

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Stunning tacho from AirCooled Accessories in the UK will look right at home in your vintage VW, with classic styling on the dial and chrome bezel.  We have made them in the best range of 6000RPM so you get some decent needle travel.
These will fit in any 52mm opening or are perfect in our column mount gauge holders.  Illuminated dial and supplied with fitting instructions.

Back lit
Supplied as 4 cylinder but can be switched to 6 or 8 also.
6volt unit (see here if you need 12v) 

Suitable for use with vehicles with or without electronic ignition

* Gauge holders - available seperately, please note for some models like splits/bays then smaller diameter steering columns means you may need to pad out the clamp or shorten the steel band for a tight fit to adjust the clamp diameter, however this is an easy task should it be required.

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